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Can You Imagine a Sacred Artist Heritage Center?

When artists get together, ideas spark and grow like wild fire. This sacred artist association is where artists can not only gather, but spark a fire to change the world.

We are a group of artist impressed by the call of the God to be illustrators of His mind by all means and mediums the theme of Sacred Art of the Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. We treasure and uphold the traditional values that has carried Her for 21 centuries.

Our purpose is to create a global alliance of sacred artists who are committed to all of these criteria that we find to be imperatively necessary to define Sacred Art.

It is our purpose, among others, to introduce our organization to bishops internationally as to expose our artists to them as a unified front committed to remain within our criteria for expression thus continuing a 21st century tradition of leadership.

It is our purpose to create and maintain a website where our artists are globally accessible to all bishops and priests as to make available our sacred artists to the Church.

It is our purpose to gather artists or artistic works for projects that further our mission statement.

It is our intent to form a board of advisors that would be in charge of critiquing the submissions as to guarantee the artwork follows customs/rubrics and falls within the perimeters of our organization.

We are convinced that the purpose of the artists is to be the conduit of what Our God wishes to say to humanity throughout the ages. We hope to congregate artists that are willing to be thus.